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What is the average car length?

Believe it or not, some car buyers consider car length before actually buying one. Be it a small garage in their home, more accessible parking and maneuverability, whatever the reason they have, a car’s length actually does impact the buyer’s decision-making process.

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Car Model

Towing Capacity

Ford F-350

21 000 lbs

RAM 2500

17 000 lbs

RAM 3500

17 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 3500

16 350 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500HD

16 000 lbs

GMC Sierra 2500HD

15 900 lbs

GMC Sierra 3500

15 700 lbs

Ford F-250

15 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 2500

14 150 lbs

Which brings us to the question: “What is the average car length?”

It all boils down to the vehicle’s class or category. For mini cars such as the Suzuki Alto, the average length would be 10.5 feet or 3195 cm. Other cars belonging to this class would be the Toyota Wigo, Kia Picanto, and Hyundai Eon. Compact cars such as the Kia Rio average out at 13.8 feet (4215 cm). Cars like the Toyota Vios and Hyundai Accent would come within a few inches of this measurement.

Using the Audi A4 as the benchmark, its length of 14.8 feet or 4520 cm would be the average for mid-size car length. Other cars in this class are the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3-Series models. On the other end of the spectrum, full-sized vehicles like the Audi A6 measure out at 15.7 feet (4800 cm), with the BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-Class models coming in pretty close.

How long is the standard SUV?

In the case of small sport-utility vehicles (SUV) like the Ford Escape, 14.4 feet or 4400 cm would be the standard. The length of the Honda CRV or Nissan X-Trail should come to within a few inches of the Escape’s length.

Large SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade stretch 16.7 feet or 5110 cm from bumper to bumper. The Chevrolet Suburban and Lincoln Navigator should be of comparable length to this.

How long is a full-size truck?

For mid-sized pickup trucks, 16.3 feet or 4981 cm seem to be the norm, as in the Nissan Navarra case. Other pickups of comparable length would be the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, and Ford Ranger.

Full-size pickup trucks such as the Chevrolet Silverado come in at a lengthy 18.4 feet (5614 cm), with the Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, and Dodge Ram 1500 coming in at about the same size. Cars like the Lincoln Town Car and Mercedes Benz S-Class measure, on average, 18 feet or 5593 cm, about the same length as the Chevrolet Silverado.

How to correctly measure a car length?

To measure a car’s length on your own, you will need a yardstick and a builder’s tape measure. First, park your car on a flat, level surface. Determine the car’s outermost point (usually the front bumper’s leading edge, at the middle) and hold the yardstick against it, keeping the yardstick perpendicular to the ground. Mark the ground with a long straight line parallel to the car’s front.

Go to the back and again find the outermost point. Perform the same process. Once this is done, measure the distance between the two lines, keeping the tape measure perpendicular to the lines you have drawn. A much easier way to do this is to refer to the vehicle owner’s manual or ask your dealer for the information you need.