About the team of Howlongisa

That is what you really need to know!

Buying a car is an expensive and complicated process. The first step in the process of buying a car is to figure out what you want, which can be hard when there are so many different types of cars on the market.

Howlongisa.com has all the information you need to make your decision easier by providing clear explanations about how long each type of vehicle is. This website will empower you to feel confident around that big lump of metal that needs to get you from point A-B! This webpage will offer you information about the average car length, standard SUV length and modern crossover length.

You don't even need to go onto the website to find out the standard car length - this is how long it is! A standard car is approximately 4m in length, which is about twice as long as a Smart Car. Also, a car owner can read here how to measure the vehicle`s length correctly because there are several different methods to use.

If you want to buy a large car then having the knowledge of how long they are is very useful, especially if you're buying online and don't have the opportunity to drive the car before purchase. The size of your garage, driveway, or parking space should not limit what kind of vehicle you drive!

How was it founded?

Hey! I'm Tony E. Keeler, and I founded Howlongisa.com when I was 37 years old. It's always been my dream to start a business, and I'm grateful that I was able to make it happen.

I'm a problem solver at heart, and I love it when people ask me for help with car specs like length or width. It was the first step in creating Howlongisa.com. The second step was building it - and discovering how much time and effort goes into making such a site. It ended up taking over 40 hours just for an initial draft, but that's okay!

Today we try to expand and follow all the current trends in the world of the internet. Our mission is to provide our visitors with valuable information about all types of vehicles, including cars, pickup trucks, and crossovers. We are trying to make this website one-stop-shop where people can get answers to their automotive questions!